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Why “Work from Anywhere” Will Continue to Grow?

Why Work from Anywhere Will Continue to Grow? - Collection

We live in a world where travel is one of the top priorities of employees. This is especially true for employees who come from the millennial generation. Hybrid working arrangements are a common part of modern work lifestyles, and they help employees work from anywhere, combining travel and work into one. This flexibility to work from anywhere will empower employees to plan working holidays without eating into their holiday entitlement.


Paul Lewis, CCO at job search engine Adzuna, said that the desire to travel and work aren’t two mutually exclusive things. COVID-19 has caused a major shift in the industry and companies are moving towards a hybrid/remote work culture, especially in IT, Finance and Consultancy Industry. Employees can work and travel at the same time, minus the hassle.  


Work-Life Balance is a Top Priority


In the last couple of years, we have seen an emerging trend of flexible work arrangements. This has created an appetite for work-life balance in both employees and employers. Work from anywhere jobs present employees with an opportunity to strike the perfect balance. HR News reported that around 2000 vacancies feature employee sabbatical programs. Hybrid work arrangements give employees the freedom they desire while companies get to retain their top-tier talent.


‘Work from anywhere’ policies have significantly diversified the workforce and offer greater freedom and balance. Parenthood, the desired location, is slowly and steadily eroding, thanks to the hybrid work opportunities. A great example is Spotify: The music giant noticed encouraging benefits when it came to their ‘work from anywhere’ policy for diversity and inclusion. 4% of their employees shifted to a new home with UD, 150 moved countries, women leadership roles increased to 42%, and the number of Black and Hispanic employees increased by 12.7% to 18%.


Your Commuting Nightmares Could End


When the entire world could be your workplace, you can finally bid farewell to the daily commute. This benefits not only employees but also employers. Various companies will minimize their carbon footprints when employees are not commuting to work every single day. Moreover, employees will also be liberated from the hassle of needless hours spent on the road. This is one of the most freeing things and greatest benefits that come along with ‘work from anywhere’ opportunities.


Various tech companies around the globe have embraced policies now that employees are working from anywhere. In the year 2022, work from anywhere policies have become the new standard. Some of the biggest names who have embraced the trend include Airbnb, Salesforce, Lyft, and Ocado Group.


The world is becoming more and more flexible, and so should the companies.


A Flexible Work Schedule


Based on the company’s specific policies regarding daily working hours, employees can work with a flexible schedule. If you are more of a morning person, you can adjust your working hours to take advantage of the most productive hours of the day. On the other hand, if employees need their mornings to be free, they can work in the evenings. A remote job with flexible work hours is a win-win situation for both employees and employers.


Improved Productivity


Contrary to the popular belief, working remotely can actually boost the productivity level of employees, which will eventually boost the business. The office environment can be distracting for some employees, and they can’t focus entirely on the task at hand. Employees can attend meetings virtually when needed and get right back to the work at hand instead of socializing or engaging in unnecessary conversations. They’ll be able to complete their tasks, minus distractions, which will surely improve the quality of work.


Conserve Time and Money


Multiple resources are necessary to commute to work every single day. On the employer’s end, they might have to arrange for transport or give fuel expenses to employees in certain cases. It also increases the carbon footprint of the company. When it comes to employees, they have to spend a huge chunk of their time getting ready, arranging for transport, and then using their money to commute to work. Work from anywhere opportunity can help them conserve time and money.


Improved Motivation


Working remotely gives employees the opportunity to form habits, routines, and practices to optimize their work schedules. This means improved results, fewer distractions, and a surge of motivation. This works in the best interest of the employees as they get to have happier, more productive employees and booming businesses.


Final Thoughts


All in all, work from anywhere opportunities work in the best interest of both employees and employers. It will help save time, and money on both ends, boost the productivity of employees, benefit the business, promote better work-life balance and employee retention, and has a gazillion other benefits. This has propelled companies to adapt to the trend and benefit from it. With that being said, the ‘work from anywhere’ trend is surely going to stay and even grow. Who knows, in a couple of years, we all might be working within the comfort of our own spaces or vacation spots. It is one of the best miracles of the internet. If you are a company owner hoping to make a switch, it is high time to do so now.


We hope you found this article informative and helpful. What are your thoughts on the trend? If you have experienced ‘working from anywhere/home/hybrid working’, how did your experience go? Did it benefit you, or are you someone who requires an office structure to get the job done? We would be happy to find out.


Why Work from Anywhere Will Continue to Grow? - Collection