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6 Ways to Best Utilize a Coworking Space for Business Expansion

6 Ways to Best Utilize a Coworking Space for Business Expansion - The Collection

Prioritizing business expansion is a key part of owning a business. But utilizing a coworking space can surely help with that! Read more details below.   Coworking spaces have time and time again proven themselves as the ideal solution for both established enterprises and startup businesses looking for a turnkey alternative to a normal office…

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The Advantages of Using a Virtual Business Address

The Advantages of Using a Virtual Business Address - The Collection

What’s a virtual business address and how is it beneficial to the growth of your company? These are important questions to ask, especially during a time when remote work is happening more than ever.   In this day and age, many businesses don’t need physical locations to exist, operate, and thrive – and with the…

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How Will Coworking Help Build Corporate Sustainability?

How Will Coworking Help Build Corporate Sustainability - Collection

Coworking spaces provide many benefits, but did you know it can help build corporate sustainability as well? Read more below for helpful details and information you’ll need to know for business growth.   The definition of corporate sustainability has altered contemporaneously to the coronavirus. A sustainable business must not only live in harmony with its…

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Businesses Turn to the Hub and Spoke Model Due to the Pandemic

Businesses Turn to Hub and Spoke Model Due to Pandemic - Collection

The pandemic is changing the working world more and more these days, including businesses turning to the hub and spoke model. So what does this mean exactly? Read further.   With the onset of COVID earlier this year came the need for a rapid shift towards dedensification and remote work for many – a shift…

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How Organizational Intelligence Shapes Business for Success

Organizational Intelligence Shapes Business for Success - The Collection

If you’re always searching for new ways to grow your business for success, then organizational intelligence is definitely something you should learn more about! Read all the details below.   Ever since we’ve moved into the information age, researchers and analysts have been looking for a better model for management thinking and business survival in…

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The Rise of Solopreneurship: Is it Right for You?

The Rise of Solopreneurship: Is it Right for You? - The Collection

As business trends evolve, we’ve come to hear terms like solopreneurship. But what does it mean exactly and is it possibly a new career path for you? Find out below!   While the technical opportunities to become an entrepreneur have grown rapidly in the digital age, entrepreneurialism is arguably less attractive than it has ever…

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What Is Flex Space and Is It Right for Your Business?

Using a Space for Warehousing and Working - The Collection

There has been common phrase circulating through business these days: flex space. But what is flex space, and is it a good option for your business?   The rise of the coworking space has heavily disrupted the commercial real estate industry, and woken many property owners up to the fact that many startups and small-to-medium…

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5 Modern Office Design Trends to Improve Employee Morale

Modern Office Rentals and Coworking Spaces - The Collection

Why have offices changed? Among other things, modern office design is setting itself apart from the traditional cubicle office because it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the old model has become ineffective, and a hindrance to productivity – particularly for today’s workforce.   But why? And why do modern concepts like collaborative spaces and flexible offices…

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How the Gig Economy Is Changing Work as We Know It

The Gig Economy Changing Business and Offices - The Collection

The gig economy is changing the way that we work, whether we like it or not. Here’s what it means for your company and the offices of the future.   While the institution of the ‘job’ and the history of the 40-hour work week make it seem like what work is and can be is…

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