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How to Become a Contractor or Freelancer

How to Become a Contractor or Freelancer - The Collection

Have you ever thought about a freelance career? As the gig economy keeps evolving, it may be ideal to find out if this path is for you. Below are helpful starting tips to become a contractor.   There’s no question that the freelance market is growing in strength and size, a trend that mirrors the…

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7 Ways to Foster Creativity and Innovation (and Why You Need To)

7 Ways to Foster Creativity and Innovation - The Collection

Acknowledging the invaluable talent and qualities of your employees, which includes creativity and innovation, only brings greater success for everyone. Below explains why that is and the helpful ways to implement this healthy work environment.   Among the many qualities a company might seek in an employee, creativity and innovation rank among the vaguest. Yet…

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The Best Virtual Resources to Grow Your Business from Home

Virtual Resources to Grow Business During Crisis - The Collection

With the current crisis leaving many companies seeking remote solutions to coordinate with workers and continue providing crucial services to their existing and growing customer base, now is a better time than ever to reorient yourself as an entrepreneur or small business owner, and consider how best to utilize virtual resources to grow your business…

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