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Working From Home Affecting Team Collaboration, What’s the Solution?

Team Collaboration Affected By Working From Home? - Collection

Have you seen a difference in team collaboration due to working from home? If productivity is lacking because of this, then learn more about the solution below.   The benefits of remote work are beginning to drop off, and some of its long-term issues – especially in the face of poor and rushed implementation –…

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How to Stay Productive in a New Working World

How to Stay Productive in a New Working World - The Collection

Living in a new working world has been so difficult to adjust to that it interferes with our focus on work. We’ve got a few solutions for you. Read further on how to stay productive.   The return to work is not without its hurdles. Despite promises of a brighter future with functioning vaccines in…

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7 Tips to Being a Successful Remote Manager

7 Tips to Being a Successful Remote Manager - The Collection

Are you still figuring out the ins and outs of being a successful remote manager? To assist, below is a helpful guide with detailed tips to consider and practice.   Over the course of the COVID crisis, record numbers of Americans are working from home. While those numbers have gone down as some return to…

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How Will Coworking Help Build Corporate Sustainability?

How Will Coworking Help Build Corporate Sustainability - Collection

Coworking spaces provide many benefits, but did you know it can help build corporate sustainability as well? Read more below for helpful details and information you’ll need to know for business growth.   The definition of corporate sustainability has altered contemporaneously to the coronavirus. A sustainable business must not only live in harmony with its…

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5 Essential Startup Resources You’ll Need for Success

5 Essential Startup Resources You'll Need for Success - The Collection

Sure, there are plenty of startup resources to look into, but which ones will you need for a path towards success? Read below for the details on the 5 important ones! The modern-day startup is defined by its resourcefulness and adaptability, and the spirit of global connectivity. Competition is fiercer than it has ever been.…

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Spacious Coworking Offices: Why It’s Needed Now More Than Ever

It’s true that working from home isn’t for everyone. But what’s the solution while still living in a pandemic? Spacious coworking offices is needed now more than ever. Read more below.   The shift towards remote work following the onset of the pandemic was unprecedented.   Although there had been a trend towards more liberal…

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6 Tips to Set Employee Goals That Matter

6 Tips to Set Employee Goals That Matter - The Collection

Encouraging and setting employee goals is important for a healthy mindset, and will ultimately benefit not only the team, but the company’s success as well. Here are a few tips! Goal setting is more than just a metric for performance – it’s an important motivational tool. It’s one that can help teams and organizations come…

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Businesses Turn to the Hub and Spoke Model Due to the Pandemic

Businesses Turn to Hub and Spoke Model Due to Pandemic - Collection

The pandemic is changing the working world more and more these days, including businesses turning to the hub and spoke model. So what does this mean exactly? Read further.   With the onset of COVID earlier this year came the need for a rapid shift towards dedensification and remote work for many – a shift…

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The Key to Inspiring Innovation Through Your Office Space

The Key to Inspiring Innovation Through Your Office Space - Collection

Inspiring innovation is always something employers are trying to factor in to each working day. So read below on how utilizing office spaces can help and be beneficial to your employees.   It seems far-fetched to associate innovation with office spaces, especially given that the generic image conjured in each of our minds when we…

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Employer Branding: What Is It and How Can It Grow Your Business?

Employer Branding: How Can It Grow Your Business? - Collection

A company’s provided service or product is important, but a company’s employer branding is even more important for long-time success. Read more below, including how this special aspect can grow your business.   Nearly everything has a metric. Even employer reputation, and how it affects a company’s chances of securing top talent. Data shows that…

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