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Tips to Best Lead Change in the Modern Workplace

Tips to Best Lead Change in the Modern Workplace - The Collection

The workspaces have dramatically evolved over the past few years. This presents an opportunity for managers to lead the change and become true motivators for employees while enhancing cohesion and saving costs in the modern workplace. Is that even possible? We will tell you precisely that.


The increasing shift towards hybrid working spaces for business is a kind of operational revolution. It allows companies to become more effective, boost employees’ morale, and minimize fixed costs. Adjusting to this paradigm shift can seem intimidating. It is understandable as striking the right balance between operational necessities, and the working preferences of the team aren’t the easiest task on the planet.


Regardless of executive-level changes, managers are responsible for leading the change in the modern workplace and ensuring positive outcomes for employees and the organization. I am sure you have heard that managers are the glue that holds an entire organization together. With the workforce becoming increasingly decentralized, the glue has to work harder. As a manager, you must be able to offer cohesion minus rigidity. It calls for being pliable while having some structure. To thrive in your career, you must walk this difficult line and make the right choices for the organization.


New Ways of Work are the Change We Needed


While businesses are striving hard to come to terms with the new normal, it is high time to think about changing workplace strategies and embracing changes rather than reverting to conventional methods. Let me tell you the truth: Most of your employees do not want to return to work on a full-time basis. As per the Office of National Statistics statistics, 84% of people who experienced working from home during COVID stated that they would like to divide their working hours between the office and home.


Rebuilding previous operational models isn’t going to lead you or the organization anywhere. You simply cannot put the toothpaste back into the tube. That is why successful businesses welcome the hybridized working model with decentralized offices and meeting facilities. Can you?


The hybrid working model is here forever. Take an example of the current year. The proportion of people working from home has risen from 13% to 24% from February to MayThe percentage of people exclusively working from home has fallen to 14% from 22%. This essentially translates to the benefits of a hybrid working model. That is one of the prime reasons for the popularity of coworking spaces. The idea fits perfectly into the hybrid working model and comes at a fraction of the cost of holding an independent office.


Lead the Change as a Manager in The Modern Workplace


The ongoing shift places a huge emphasis on the role of the manager. You will widen the gap between leadership and employees to ensure new working ways. Managers need to be proactive as it is required to maintain cohesion from top to bottom. A few fantastic ways can help managers thrive in their role and adapt to a changing workspace environment. Let’s discuss the best ways below:  


Make It Personal


Employees who are working remotely might find communication with management a huge barrier. With proper planning, it can be more conducive. To make things more personal, you can have individual catch-ups online to discuss work-related matters. This will allow you to build trusted relationships with your employees.


This is not only important for individual employees. Please remember that everyone’s situation is very different. While some team members absolutely thrive while working at home. Others find it to exacerbate stress and find returning to the office a huge mental health booster. Business in the Community’s research reveals that 55% of employees find it troublesome to ‘switch off and stick with usual working hours while working remotely. The hybrid approach empowers managers to cater to the needs of individual employees and get them the best of both worlds. Everyone gets to be productive and comfortable.


Focus on Intentional Work in Multiple Settings


Managers can greatly benefit from coaching employees on balancing their time management skills in multiple working environments. You can come up with a criterion to visit the company HQ, work from a shared space, or work from home. Always encourage your team member to be intentional with their work. Have an open discussion with teams on which projects can be managed efficiently in the office and which ones can be done at home.


Embrace Decentralised Decision-Making


Effective managers need to learn when is the time to assert control and when they need to relinquish it. Decentralized decision-making offers a sense of empowerment/autonomy for employees who don’t feel connected to work outside the company HQ. The in-practice version of this will be based on your business. It sometimes includes: giving autonomy of working hours to employees, allowing employees to manage their deadlines, use of coworking spaces to enable managers and employees to work together, and more.


Maintain Flexibility


As a manager, you might be looking for a new status. While doing so, you must realize that change is endemic while we remain in a state of flux. Managers can truly help employees feel empowered and supported. It gives them the freedom to decide on the model that works best for them as circumstances change in the modern workplace.


At Collection, we can empower you with the desired freedom and flexibility that will help you adapt to change. The first-class office and meeting facilities all around the world present you with the highest business standards, minus the costs and obligations that come with the traditional office space model. We hope you found this post informative and helpful! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below and we will get back to you. Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a company owner wishing to embrace the hybrid model, we have something in store for you.


Tips to Best Lead Change in the Modern Workplace - The Collection