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How to Find the Perfect Executive Office Space for Rent

How to Find the Perfect Executive Office Space for Rent - The Collection

It can be tricky to find the executive office space for rent that best fits your needs. Luckily, here’s a guide with helpful tips.


The best workspaces are rarely utilitarian. There’s always a balance of playfulness and creativity in the design of a good workspace, and when these elements are finely incorporated into an office, they produce a healthy company culture that gives employees the opportunity to express themselves through their work, collaborates with their fellow coworkers, and makes the office a place they want to be at.


Striking the right balance between playfulness and productivity is difficult, but important. A workspace that encourages your coworkers to think outside the box while still giving them the structure and stability needed to hunker down and crunch on an important project can bring the best of both worlds to the table. This is doubly important for an executive office.


What is an Executive Office?


An executive office is the hub connecting to each of the spokes. It is the workplace set aside for the C-suite, and their supplementary staff. Executive offices are where your top echelon come to collaborate and work on the present and future of the business. An executive office serves to underpin the growth and character of your company, the success of your product or service, and serves as the ideal meeting space to court and impress new top talent and clients alike.


Setting up an executive office means creating a headquarters for your business, with all the prerequisite amenities and necessary installations. Most executive offices are disconnected from the production and manufacturing process and are only involved in the managerial work.


Executives will delegate through these offices, which means they need to be equipped with the means to seamlessly receive and transmit communication between all other branches. Multiple meeting rooms, teleconferencing equipment, and high-level physical and digital security are some common prerequisites for a modern executive office.


Form matters as much as function does. Aside from security and utility, executive offices should reflect a company’s standing, or more accurately, they should represent the company the way it should be perceived by clients and new talent alike.


That means picking a design that suits the company’s niche and culture and exudes a sense of quality. Skip the cheap furniture and basic office supplies. Spring for ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and comfortable high-quality furnishings for the reception or common area.


What to Look for In an Executive Office


Finding an executive office space to rent or lease can be challenging. You typically don’t have the option of completely furnishing or designing the office after your own taste and may be stuck with whatever the space comes with.


Naturally, that means it’s important to make the right choice to begin with, then work with what you can find. As important as furnishing and office design is, location is arguably even more important.


An executive office should be centrally located near the heart of a city’s commercial or financial districts, in an accessible building with plenty of nearby parking. Finally, an executive office should share an address or ZIP code with many of the other top billing headquarters in the region.


These conditions should narrow down your choices. Unfortunately, they also skyrocket your costs. Real estate is never cheap, and commercial office leases are some of the most common ways investors and developers recoup the costs of construction. Finding the perfect executive office space for rent means digging deep into your coffers – or seeking out a cost-efficient, high-class alternative.


Tips for Picking an Executive Office


For an established enterprise looking to build its presence in a new region, setting up a proper headquarters is important. Momentum is key, and nothing kills momentum like lacking the space and resources to court and impress new clients, regardless of what else you might be bringing to the table. But even large businesses may want to cut costs and avoid unnecessary expenditures, especially during a pandemic.


Smaller, newer businesses and startups, on the other hand, may not have the size or the funds to afford an executive office. Everyone works whenever and however they can, as it becomes harder and harder to finance new office spaces in the early months of business. Small manufacturing businesses might be led from home, for example, but there are other inefficiencies to consider here. While working from home in a managerial capacity is doable, it also means registering either your home address as an office or business address.


In any case, one way to cut costs and still profit from both a prestige address and high-quality amenities is by renting an already furnished and fully set up coworking space.


The Benefits of a Coworking Space


Coworking spaces are fully furnished office spaces managed by a custodial staff, who provide a high-quality working environment for different levels of professionals, from contractors and sole-proprietors to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established enterprise-level tech teams. While the coworking trend is decades old, it took off in the early 2010s, especially as remote work became an increasingly attractive option for companies. Some businesses have since gone fully remote, either before or after the pandemic, and many companies currently adopt a hybrid work model allowing some of their employees to work from home or from anywhere else, while others come to the office.


The benefits of working through a coworking space range from access to high-quality amenities – from a coffee bar to high-speed internet, teleconferencing equipment, private meeting rooms, nap rooms, break rooms, and more – to the perks of sharing a workspace with professionals from different backgrounds, allowing for organic networking opportunities, spontaneous collaboration, and a unique path to partnership.


Coworking spaces are more than just a table with a few outlets and a cheap espresso machine in the corner. They’re a competitive industry catering to countless different niches, with some spaces dedicated to entrepreneurial work and fintech, while others cater to high-class executive leadership, enterprise-level satellite offices, virtual offices, and meeting rooms for important clientele.


Find Your Executive Office Space for Rent Today!


If your options for an executive office of your own are limited, consider utilizing a coworking space as a temporary or modal headquarters, until you can set up a more permanent location.


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