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Why a Coworking Space is the Best Place for a Client Meeting

Why a Coworking Space is the Best Place for a Client Meeting - The Collection

A client meeting is important to you, so why not choose to rent a coworking space that provides so many benefits? Read further to learn more.


Coworking spaces present the ideal opportunity for small businesses, startups, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs to host and meet clients in a professional setting at a fraction of the cost of a fully-fledged creative office space.


The main selling point of a coworking space is that it allows businesses to split the costs of running a modern office in a high-class commercial space while benefitting from a diverse list of tenants, ranging from solo professionals to satellite teams operating remotely for large enterprises. Coworking spaces are built to cater to a niche of teams and workers, usually those in the tech, marketing, service, and e-commerce industries, where remote work has grown the fastest.


This means that their amenities match the needs of their tenants, who require high-speed internet, large meeting areas for brainstorming and presentations, private spaces to concentrate or collaborate in peace, and quality-of-life offerings of a modern workspace, from a coffee bar to a fully equipped break room.


In other words, coworking spaces offer everything a small-to-medium business might need to host important clients.


The Benefits of a Business Address


The first benefit of utilizing a coworking space to host your client meetings is the address. If you are a smaller company, you might not even have an office of your own – you may exist almost completely remote, meaning that your professional office would effectively be your personal one, where you work from home.


A coworking space allows you to claim an address in a business district as your own, without the costs and commitments associated with owning and managing that location, or even renting the space out via a long-term commercial lease.


Coworking Spaces for Startup Clients


Startups get the most from utilizing coworking spaces in every way they can. When you’re just starting out, and capital is spread thin, making a good impression on clients is about more than just an impressive address.


While sharing a coworking space with other businesses might not convey the same status as owning the same space outright, there are plenty of other benefits to a coworking space that show a client that you value their business immensely and prioritize making the best possible impression on them.


Many coworking spaces feature amenities to help worker productivity and create a positive and communal atmosphere – but they also have individualized and private meeting rooms, with the necessary equipment to host large-scale presentations, entertain a larger audience, and discuss business proposals discretely.


With the space come the benefits of the surrounding location, as well. Coworking spaces are often built in business districts, which means fine dining, entertainment of all sorts, and plenty of places to loosen up and take talks to a more casual setting after getting the important things out of the way.


Why a Coworking Space is the Best Place for a Client Meeting - Collection


The Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Collaboration


Ultimately, the greatest benefit of any coworking space isn’t the modern amenities, tasteful art and presentation, ergonomic furniture, or choice of location. It’s the people working in it, through it, and with it. Successful coworking spaces become the host to dozens of interesting individuals from different walks of life with varied professional backgrounds and experiences.


Coworking spaces are places of natural collaboration and networking, where casual conversation turns into meetups and lunches, long discussions, new ideas, and the birth of unplanned and spontaneously successful projects.


This element of collaboration bears more than just profitable fruit. The effect of being around different people with varied experiences can result in greater workplace satisfaction than at a regular office. People are happier and more productive in general in a coworking space than in the typical office space.


For remote teams, coworking spaces are a crucial part of bringing a piece of a company’s shared culture into a coworker’s life through the environment they become a part of.


Rather than work from home and feel isolated, coworking spaces allow remote workers to continue to connect virtually with their friends, while sharing the common experience of working from an office environment – or, in some cases, even from the same coworking space.


For businesses with their own office spaces, coworking spaces provide the ability to entice new remote hires with the amenities and benefits of a fully-fledged office in a part of the world your company might have no other physical presence in, without the cost and logistics of leasing and outfitting a satellite office halfway around the country, or halfway around the globe.


The social and collaborative environment of a safe coworking space can also help alleviate the low morale induced by self-isolation and loneliness during remote work.


In addition to being the ideal location for a client meeting, coworking spaces also provide small and large businesses alike with the best space for a remote onboarding process. With the ongoing pandemic especially, finding an effective and safe way to onboard new hires can be difficult.


Businesses have increasingly turned towards seeking talent from afar as the barriers to remote work continue to erode. But with this drastic change come many questions, especially on how to prevent rising turnover rates, and how to manage the challenges of remote worker morale and translate a cohesive company culture over long distances.




Coworking spaces help alleviate these issues by helping new remote hires feel like a part of the team, despite the distance, and by providing them with an office space and work environment that best matches your company’s own energy.


While coworking spaces are flexible, you will have to find a coworking space to suit your needs. Some spaces cater to certain professionals and take on a special interior style to convey that specificity. Others might encourage a certain company culture.


You will have to decide what kind of space best suits your needs, and the needs of your team – or leave the decision up to practical requirements, such as commute and price. Regardless of what choice you make, the beauty of joining a coworking space is that you can just decide to join another one if the fit isn’t right.


And if you’re in need of finding a quality shared creative office space, feel free to contact us here at The Collection located in downtown, Los Angeles. We’re happy to assist with your coworking needs.


Coworking Space is the Best Place for a Client Meeting - Collection