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What Do Luxury Coworking Spaces Entail?

What Do Luxury Coworking Spaces Entail? - The Collection

If you’re searching for luxury coworking spaces, it’s helpful to know the different amenities. Read further on.


Ever since the business model took off globally in the 2010s, coworking spaces have become a dime a dozen in every major metropolis on the globe. Whether you’re working from Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Shenzhen, or Manila, the coworking model is not far behind, and you’re sure to find a few places to choose from within the major business parks and commercial areas.


With such stringent competition, these spaces work hard to establish themselves and set themselves apart from the rest. Choosing the right space for your business can be difficult – after factoring cost and monthly budget, it becomes a matter of location, space, community, reputation, amenities, and more.


But if your business is interested in networking with the best and brightest, your choices must limit themselves to top-quality, luxury coworking spaces. Here’s what that means:


Coworking Basics: What to Know


A coworking space is a shared office space with a monthly lease. These terms are much more flexible than traditional commercial office leases, and because the space is shared, the costs are much lower as well. Some coworking spaces break their passes down to itemized levels, even charging by the hour or by the day.


For established businesses, getting a monthly pass may entail special privileges, such as getting the company name listed on the lobby of the building with an accompanying suite number, effectively buying the address as a business address. For freelancers with a limited budget, a daily pass can cut costs and help self-employed professionals or contractors get a professional space to work from a few days a week as a change of pace from their home office.


In addition to affordability, coworking spaces entice tenants by offering a fully furnished and accommodating commercial space with numerous amenities and unique bonuses, all-inclusive with the monthly membership fee.


Most coworking spaces become an excellent source of organic networking opportunities, helping smaller businesses and startups forge new partnerships, collaborate on projects, hire local talent, and interact with the best contractors in the business.


And in a world city like Los Angeles or New York, coworking spaces become some of the best places for young startups and entrepreneurs alike to forge a new path and meet fellow professionals.


Top Amenities to Look For


A luxury coworking space is more than an open office plan with a couch in the lobby. These are handcrafted and specially designed offices that pride themselves on providing top-quality service, and catering to a distinguished crowd of tenants. As such, they come with unique amenities that set them apart from the rest.


  • Quality Workspaces


We are not talking about run-of-the-mill office furniture and equipment. A luxury coworking space will offer top-quality designer furniture, ergonomic Herman Miller office chairs, a luxurious waiting room and common area, and a collection of different levels of workspaces for tenants to occupy, ranging from shared tables to conference rooms, client meeting rooms, private phone booths, private offices, booth tables near the common area, a laptop bar, and more.


Variety is not just the spice of life. For a coworking space, variety enables tenants to adjust their space according to their needs – choosing a common area to work in on days when spirits are low, and a little collaboration or friendly chat might lead to inspiration, or choosing a private booth on days where full concentration and focus are needed to get a project up to spec.


  • A Large Common Area


Luxury coworking spaces should be an exclusive and comfortable place to work from, not a cramped and claustrophobic environment. Part of establishing that feeling of comfort is a large and open common area.


The common area can be a place to take a break and chat with other members, or to casually work on to-do lists, check emails, or relax before the next meeting. The mark of a good common area is that it’s regularly used by patrons and tenants to network and discuss.


  • High-Quality Conferencing Equipment


It’s true that every smartphone is a mini-conferencing device in its own right, but professional conferencing equipment is something else entirely.


A luxury coworking space should offer multiple dedicated conference rooms for international or nationwide meetings with a professional conference camera, sound system, and smart TV.


  • Dedicated Suite Numbers and Lobby Info for Virtual Offices


Another benefit of many coworking spaces is that they double as offices for companies that might not want to take the plunge for a traditional lease of their own just yet. Smaller startups that operate mostly remote – which has become more popular since the pandemic – still need a professional business address to function properly.


Whether it’s to receive mail or refer clients to a professional space, a coworking space doubles as an ideal virtual office, and some spaces include every tenant company’s name with their corresponding suite number in the building’s directory.


  • 24/7 Access


Coworking spaces can get quite full at peak hours, and some businesses do their best work at odd hours because of overseas staff. The best solution? Pick a luxury space that remains open 24/7.


Night owl entrepreneurs and business owners alike can interact with clients and coworkers on the other side of the globe, while enjoying more privacy.


  • Work Tools


Many coworking spaces cater to companies in the tech and advertising spheres, which means one thing is more important than anything else: a top-of-the-line fiber internet connection. Other important work-related amenities might include free printing and private phone rooms.


  • Food and Beverages


Last but not least, your best pick may come down to who’s got the best eats. Coworking spaces tend to offer a nearby café or bar, but many even include full-time baristas, multiple different types of coffee and tea on tap, and a number of high-quality restaurants in the neighborhood.


Making Your Decision


A luxury coworking space needs the right amenities, the right management, the right reputation, the right location, and the right cost.


If your business relies on a network of professionals from all around the world, you might be looking at multiple coworking bills. If you are an established business looking to break out into a new region, then picking a coworking space closest to your clients can help you narrow down your choices for your satellite office.

There are plenty of factors that might affect your decision and change your top pick. But don’t hesitate to consider multiple options and give each one a personal visit.


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