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The Top Sustainable Practices in Business to Try

The Top Sustainable Practices in Business to Try - The Collection

The world is becoming overly polluted with every passing day, and a few simple changes around the globe can significantly minimize waste footprint. You are wrong if you are a business owner thinking there is no way you can contribute to the environment without compromising on some crucial factors. This article will share some simple, easy, and sustainable practices in business to try.



Each business’s journey towards a better environment looks different and starts with a single step toward incorporating sustainable practices in business. And no, it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be easy, doesn’t have to cost anything, and sometimes can also drive employee engagement and retention.


Setting net-zero targets and committing to science-based targets while calculating independent carbon emissions are two sustainable practices in business and are both great places to start for any big or small business. Every business can bring sustainability and positive climate change action into its work culture. Here is how:


Reduce Commuting Damage

Did you know that transportation and commuting alone are responsible for 25 percent of global carbon emissions? That is a considerable percentage. You can reduce and streamline your employees’ commute to limit the carbon emissions you are solely responsible for. A great way to do this is to offer flexible work-from-home days.


If you can’t do that due to the nature of your business, encourage walking, biking, carpooling, and taking public transportation for work. You can make this fun by adding the element to the game. Divide your staff into teams and see which team walked or cycled more frequently to the office. Give them a free lunch or an extra day off. You can also offer employees the benefit of a rideshare program.


Another way to achieve this is by giving your employees passes to coworking spaces. It will allow them to work from a coworking space closer to their home instead of operating from one central office. It can dramatically cut down the rental cost and other expenses that come with holding a permanent physical space which is a bonus.


Reduce Electricity Consumption Where Possible

Did you know that electricity consumption accounted for 25 percent of carbon emissions in the US in the year 2019? There is something you can do about it. For instance, turn off the power sources for standby devices on the weekend. They truly are energy vampires. You can slowly start to encourage this habit amongst employees daily. Your entire office doesn’t have to be lit up 24/7. Turn off the conference room lights if no one is using them. These small steps make a huge difference.


Encourage Environmentally-Friendly Diets

Did you know that carbon emissions from livestock account for 14 percent of historical atmospheric carbon dioxide? – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Have more vegetarian and plant-based options readily available. This step can become more manageable if you have a cafeteria at your office. There are plenty of plant-based snacks available as well that you can keep in your pantry. Salads are a great option too. You can try no-meat Mondays at your office or whatever day suits you.


Water Is a Precious Recourse, Treat It as Such

Only 3 percent of the entire world’s water is freshwater which is crucial for human and animal life on the planet. Creating a work culture around water conservation is a win-win situation for businesses and individuals. You can go all out and use water-saving toilets or choose the simple route and install signs near all the taps in your office. It is a great idea to hold a lecture regarding the importance of water consumption in your office so your employees know why you are so passionate about saving water.


Minimize the Use of Single-Use Items

Did you know that the world produced 130 million metric tons of plastic waste in 2019? Offices have plenty of paper-based single-use items, which can have a detrimental impact on the planet. Get rid of disposable cups and plates and opt for more sustainable options that employees can use multiple times. Ask your employees to wash what they use if you can’t hire someone to do the dishes or you don’t have a café. It will have a considerable impact.


Familiarize Yourself With UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals offer a framework that can help you understand the impact of your sustainable practices. Their 17 goals range from reducing hunger to providing quality education. It will help you align the values of your companies to the goals. If you and your employees want, you guys can go a step ahead and volunteer events to help with the UN Sustainable development goals. It is not only a noble act but can turn out to be a fantastic group activity that will create an ultimate bonding experience.


Measure Your Business Carbon Footprint

Yes, you heard me right. Your website emits carbon. Plug your home page into Greenpixie’s free calculator and check your emissions. Similarly, your products and services also have a carbon footprint. Once you know this information, you can let the consumers know by using carbon labeling. It is a great way to be completely transparent and accountable. Moreover, once you see this information, you can use it to your benefit.


Final Takeaway

You or your business doesn’t have to go cold turkey. We can all play a part in making the world a better place. Small steps in the right direction can make a difference in incorporating sustainable practices in business. Try introducing the pointers mentioned in this article to see a difference.


We hope you found this article informative and helpful! If you have any questions or input regarding the subject, feel free to use the comments section below, and we will get back to you.


The Top Sustainable Practices in Business to Try - The Collection