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Startups are usually small businesses that are initially created and run by a small team of people with an idea to satisfy a specific need within the market. Startups usually have limited resources and due to this, they prefer having office space that is more economical. Although other workspace options such as working from home or in a coffee shop might work well for freelancers or the occasional “work from home” day, but for startups, these environments are not the best option.

An ideal workspace for startups is conducive to imagination, creativity, growth, and space to interact with one another as they hustle and learn to fulfill their clients’ needs. A startup also cannot usually manage to have resources such as on-site IT support staff, but when you work in a co-working space, such expenses and resources are shared, making it very convenient and cost-effective.


In Los Angeles, one of the key supporting features for a startup to thrive is to be based in a very good co-working space to get the support and resources they need to grow and serve their clients better. There are a number of co-working spaces in Los Angeles which are suitable for startups. The Collection ensures it is the best workspace in Los Angeles because of various factors such as their on-site IT support staff, creative architectural work-space design, and constant fiber connection to the Internet.

Another element of the workspace that can be shared among various startups includes the conference and meeting rooms, which are conducive to holding professional meetings with various investors and clients of your startup. The shared office space in Los Angeles is also ideal because it is designed to give off a lot of natural light that provides individuals with the motivation and creativity to keep production high.


The shared office floor also includes a lounge and cafe/bar that can help you unwind, relax, and take a quick break in between all the hard work. The design of this floor encourages collaboration and interaction amongst the tenants to create a relaxed, yet social environment.


Visit us at The Collection in Downtown Los Angeles and see for yourself how our co-working spaces provide an innovative and collaborative environment along with all the necessary resources to get your startup off the ground and moving towards shining success.