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Need a Meeting Room to Rent in DTLA? Here’s What’s Included

Need a Meeting Room to Rent in DTLA? What's Included - Collection

Finding a meeting room to rent can be tricky. It’s ideal to have the right space for your needs. Learn more below.


Post COVID-19, we have seen a huge shift in people’s carrier choices. A lot of people are shifting from jobs to freelancing and diving into various types of entrepreneurial ventures. That has increased the need for co-working spaces more than ever. If you are on the hunt for a meeting room to rent for your next big presentation at DTLA, look no further than The Collection.


Benefits of Co-Working Space


More and more people, even established businesses are choosing co-working spaces for their businesses, hosting meetings, presentations, or simply working with people. There are reasons behind it. Let’s discuss a few of them:


  • Better Networking Opportunities


One of the best things about choosing to work in a coworking space is the opportunity to connect with other individuals. If you are working from home or in an independent office space, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to make important connections. These connections will help you grow your business, serve as a great motivator, and add the much-needed spark to your business life.


  • Increased Productivity


A coworking space is like a breath of fresh air for freelancers and small business owners. When you are working from home, it is very easy to feel lazy, tired and demotivated every now and then. House chores, kids, and other factors can make you distracted and crop up in your mind. By taking our office to another space, you can tune in to your work mode and experience increased productivity. Moreover, a lot of coworking spaces offer flexible working hours that give you the flexibility to choose your own timings.


  • A Boost in Creativity


By working with other professionals and exposing yourself to fresh new perspectives, you are sure to get a huge surge in creativity. Switching to a new working environment will refresh your mind and might inspire newer solutions to your business problems.


  • Collaboration Opportunities


This benefits go with the networking one. Coworking spaces will increase your chance of bumping into new people and present you with plenty of collaboration opportunities. You never know where a casual conversation at the office café might lead to. You might land on a new contract or a great new partnership. You will never know until you try it.


  • Cost-Efficiency


Renting an office on your own can get quite expensive. Not only you are paying the monthly rent, but you also have a lot of extra things to take care of. From coffee and snacks for employees to electricity and water bills, you will be paying a lot more. On the other hand, coworking spaces are equipped with perks such as a fixed monthly rate. You will get many built-in services such as business mail, coffee, access to café, meeting rooms, and all the needed amenities.


  • Increased Flexibility


A lot of coworking spaces offer flexible agreements. You can choose your own work schedules, and timings and even cancel the agreement when you need to. Unlike independent office rentals which require you to commit to yearly leases, coworking spaces give you the flexibility of daily, weekly, and monthly contracts.


  • Get Out of Your Own Bubble


By choosing a coworking space, you are bound to expose yourself and yourself to new perspectives which can help you excel in business. A comfortable and efficient working space is essential for the success of your business. Selecting the right one can be a little troublesome. Hence, invest some time in research before choosing the right option.


What Amenities Do We Offer?


Here are the top amenities we offer at The Collection:


      • Multiple Options: We offer a variety of options ranging from small, creative office spaces to full-floor options based on your needs.
      • Coffee: You will have access to 26 specialty brewed coffees, cold coffee, and tea all day.
      • Common Area: You can access common lounge areas with SONOS sound system and Phillip’s HUE lighting
      • Café/Bar: You can access the common Café/Bar.
      • Internet: We offer direct fiber connection with 10+ gigabytes at wholesale rates.
      • Custom Options: We are open to accommodating you in every way possible and assisting you in having the best office experience.
      • Flexibility: Whether you need to book a space for yourself for a day, week, or month, we are supremely flexible and happy to cater to your requirements.
      • Fixed Charges: You don’t have to worry about charges for every single thing. You will get a fixed overall quote as discussed. That eliminates a lot of hassle.
      • Private Break Out Phone Rooms: You will gain access to a fully insulated room for 5 people with LED colored lighting.


A Little About the Collection


We are exactly what we say we are: The Collection of multiple historic and modern elements that leads to a sophisticated workspace environment in Downtown Los Angeles. We offer beautifully restored elevators, a ground floor lobby, a rooftop lounge, indoor/outdoor seating, Wi-Fi, music, a wet bar, and more. All in all, you get a one-stop solution that is ideal for parties, sporting events, and business presentations and is free to reserve by all tenants. We offer a direct fiber connection to the internet backbone which offers all tenants as much bandwidth they need as per wholesale pricing.


The coworking space and private office building are located at the heart of “Restaurant Row”, located directly across the street from BOTTEGA LOUIE Restaurant and Gourmet Market. It is within a short walk of the new Target and FIGat7th shopping & dining complex. The location is ideal for any business and is in close proximity to all the fun hotspots. All in all, it is a perfect space for your coworking venture.


Need a Meeting Room to Rent? Book a Tour!


If you need to book a meeting room or access a coworking space for your business needs, reach out to us today. We would be happy to give you a tour and become a part of your dream journey.


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