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Characteristics of an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Characteristics of an Entrepreneurial Spirit - The Collection

The term entrepreneur has genuinely gained a new meaning in the past decade. However, to be a successful entrepreneur, it’s best to possess an entrepreneurial spirit. 


A lot of people are quitting their conventional jobs to become an entrepreneur. If you are thinking the same, it is wise first to figure out whether you have an entrepreneurial spirit or not so you can begin taking the steps required to start business ventures. In this article, we will share the characteristics of entrepreneurial spirit. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the subject.

What Is an Entrepreneurial Spirit?


First and foremost, you don’t have to be a successful business owner to have an entrepreneurial spirit. No, you don’t need to be a risk-taker or extrovert. Let’s get to the signs:

You Always Question the Status Quo


One prime characteristic of entrepreneurial spirit is seeing the world differently from the people surrounding you. It stems from a place of curiosity, which is difficult for others to understand. You’ve got a boss spirit if you constantly question things and how you go about certain situations.

You Are Hopeful for the Future


You are always hopeful for the future and eager to find new opportunities to progress, earn money and become the better version of yourself. Essentially, you aren’t pessimistic and always believe in abundance.


Most entrepreneurs perceive problems as possibilities and are eager to solve them as effectively as possible. It sometimes means taking responsibility for situations and circumstances and empowering yourself to change them.

You Are Always Eager to Learn


Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Do you always feel like a victim to your circumstances, or do you believe in changing yourself to become the best version? It is always a great idea to learn new things. An entrepreneur is surely hidden inside you if you are always happy and eager to learn new things. If you don’t possess the entrepreneurial spirit but want to cultivate one, start here.

You Always Aspire for Personal Growth


Are you constantly trying to improve yourself in all different ways? Do you prefer self-help books over fiction, listen to motivational speakers, and always look for motivational videos? If the answer to these questions is yes, you probably have an entrepreneurial spirit.

You Embrace Failure


While most of us are super afraid of failure, you aren’t. If you view failure as a new opportunity or take it as feedback, you have an entrepreneur inside you. If something doesn’t work out, most entrepreneurs don’t take it personally and take feedback to improve/counter the situation.

You Are All About Taking Calculated Risks


Are you a cautious risk-taker? Most entrepreneurs are known for taking calculated risks. This attribute is necessary to level up in your life. It involves a leap of faith but also some calculations on your part.

You are a Go Getter


Most entrepreneurs are keen on taking action when needed. They don’t just sit on the idea but are eager to take action. If you love to plan things out to the tiniest details instead of just sticking to the ideations, you have what it takes to make your dreams a reality and be the boss you have always wanted to be.

You Are Always Up for a Challenge


Do you love embracing new challenges and are on the lookout for all different ways to make things work? These indicate entrepreneurial spirit. Taking a calculated risk, testing other ideas, stepping out of your comfort zone, learning new things, and constantly growing are all challenging things to explore. If you enjoy these elements and are always up for new challenges, you surely have what it takes to become a business owner.

You are Motivated and Driven


Are you driven and motivated to make your dreams a reality? Do you want to become more productive and focused? If you nod your head in the affirmative, you have an entrepreneur inside you. The intrinsic motivation to explore interests and goals is hands down one of the essential characteristics of an entrepreneur.

You Love to Collaborate


Do some people thrive on working independently, while others love the camaraderie of teamwork? If you are the latter, you most likely have an entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs know that success is built on health, business, and relationships. That is why most entrepreneurs are keen on picking the right talent, as they truly understand the power of teamwork and the importance of collaboration. Entrepreneurs benefit tremendously from being surrounded by others in a creative space, such as an office or coworking space.

What Does Entrepreneurial Spirit Essentially Mean?


The entrepreneurial spirit is a set of qualities that will determine your attitude and approach toward life and business. It isn’t about starting a successful business or growing it to new heights. It is a mindset that questions the status quo, loves to grow, is eager to understand, views challenges as opportunities, and is always up for self-improvement.

Do I Possess an Entrepreneurial Spirit?


Well, in our opinion, each one of us has an entrepreneurial spirit residing within us. Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder) says: “All humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is in human DNA.”


If you want to develop or nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, you can genuinely start developing these characteristics one by one, and you will surely get there. An entrepreneurial spirit isn’t only necessary for business but is also a great set of attributes to have in life.


Based on this article, do you think you already have an entrepreneurial spirit or would like to cultivate one? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments section. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below.


Characteristics of an Entrepreneurial Spirit - The Collection