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6 Tips for Balancing Work and Family at Home

6 Tips for Balancing Work and Family at Home - The Collection

Balancing work and family in the same space has become the new normal. But if you’re seeking tips on how to manage the two in the best possible way, then read below for some helpful details.   Research indicates that remote working is not only a great way for companies to save space and reduce…

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How to Shape Your Current Office Space for Agile Working

The aim for agile working is important now than ever before as people are currently working remotely. But what does this mean exactly? Read below for more details.   Despite being ubiquitous in development and office management, “agile” is a term with several different conflicting definitions. “Agile working” refers to neither agile development or agile…

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The Current and Future Trends of a Remote Workforce

Enforcing a remote workforce has continually been a growing trend despite our current global pandemic. So what does this mean for the future? Let’s dive deeper into this below.   Whether companies are ready for it or not, the world’s remote workforce is growing rapidly. Easy access to a variety of telecommuting tools and collaborative…

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The Best Virtual Resources to Grow Your Business from Home

With the current crisis leaving many companies seeking remote solutions to coordinate with workers and continue providing crucial services to their existing and growing customer base, now is a better time than ever to reorient yourself as an entrepreneur or small business owner, and consider how best to utilize virtual resources to grow your business…

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How to Effectively Oversee Remote Employees

The number of remote employees keep on growing each day. In order for them to positively impact your business, it’s important to know a few effective managing tips. Read below for the details.   About half of the US workforce engages in some form of telecommuting, and roughly a quarter of workers currently already spend…

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7 Strategies to Run Remote Meetings and Conferences Smoothly

It’s essential to create a well organized plan for remote meetings. This will not only help everyone be on track, but allow the meeting to be highly productive. Below are a few effective strategies.   Meetings are contentious, where some companies vow to abolish them, and others find themselves celebrating the fact that some of…

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5 Challenges of Working Remotely (and How to Counter Them)

Far more than just a new management fad, teleworking has become a necessity, but with this new style of work comes new obstacles. Here are the five most common challenges of working remotely, and how to counter them.   As office space is becoming increasingly expensive, commutes are growing ever longer, and the needs of…

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Does Teleworking Increase Productivity?

More people are teleworking more than ever, yet contrary to what most might think, working from home or in a creative office is not a compromise but a boon to productivity.   The data shows, time and time again, that giving employees space and allowing them to work wherever they choose to (often at home) can…

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