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How to Avoid Burnout and Increase Productivity

If you’re wondering how to avoid burnout, here are helpful tips to keep in mind and share with the workforce.


Long working hours, constant hustle, and lack of breaks can make you feel demotivated and low on energy. All of these elements can lead to burnout. It isn’t just a trendy term and has serious consequences. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, let me briefly elaborate on it for you.


What is a Burnout?


The constant state of physical and emotional exhaustion is called burnout. It usually happens when you experience long-term stress in your job, which has drained you physically or emotionally. Common signs of burnout include feeling tired, drained, fatigued, demotivates, trapped, and defeated.


How to Avoid Burnout?


Here are a few tips that can prevent burnout:



Sitting in a constant position at a workplace can make you feel physically and emotionally drained. Stretching a bit here and there will boost the energy in your body. When you are sitting in front of a computer for hours, it can be detrimental to your health and minimizes your productivity. Make sure to get up at least once every hour and do light stretches. It will release physical and mental tension, which will not only boost your productivity but can be extremely helpful for preventing burnout.


Set up a Work Routine


Routines are important for your productivity. When you are working for yourself or from home, setting up a work routine can be very difficult. If you wish to perform at an optimal level, you need to learn the importance of healthy work routines. Draw out a realistic yet effective road map on how you intend your workday to look. Make realistic work goals, place breaks in between, and break down your tasks into smaller steps. It will dramatically take out the stress from your day-to-day life. If you work from home, working from a coworking space can be extremely beneficial and a nice break. It will help you separate work and life which leads us to our next point.


Separate Leisure from Work


One of the key reasons that you are overworked is that you don’t have definite boundaries between your work and home life. This can be incredibly hard if you work from home. You definitely don’t want to work from your bed. Sit in a bean bag or a dining table, but a change of space is necessary to boost your productivity and keep you mentally sane. If you are working in the same place you sleep in, you are setting yourself up for failure. If you can, book yourself a desk or an office space at a coworking office. If you can’t, try to dedicate separate areas to work and pleasure at home.


Take Short Breaks


Taking short breaks is hands down one of the best yet most effective tips to stay productive and energized, and prevent burnout. During these breaks, do whatever seems relaxing to you. You can either walk, listen to music, stretch, or simply take a nap. Apart from taking short regular breaks while working out, it is crucial to take a day or two off from the entire week where you don’t do anything work-related. Take this time off to rest, go on a vacation, or meet your loved ones.


Plan Snack and Coffee Breaks


Drinking one to two cups of coffee a day can boost your energy levels during a tiring workday. Plan snack breaks in between to fuel your body and keep yourself energized. Avoid eating anything unhealthy as it can make your feel lethargic. These little trinkets of joy during your work day will ensure your mood is optimal, which automatically ensures productivity. With that being said, do not forget to drink water throughout the day as needed.


How to Avoid Burnout in Employees and Boost Productivity?


If you are an employer wanting to motivate your employees and boost their productivity, the following tips might help:


Reconsider Your Space


Have a close and critical look at your office space. Does it inspire you or others working there? Are there any spaces for rest and human interaction? Is the workspace quiet enough to concentrate? Do you have healthy snack options and coffee available? All these elements play a major role in how productive your employees are. Make the necessary changes as needed.


Shorter Workday and Flexible Working


Every once in a while, surprise your employees with a shorter workday. They will be much happier and will come back with increased motivation. You can also opt for the hybrid working model to give more flexibility to your employees.




It is very important to empathize with your employees. They can get sick, they might need a break, they are allowed to take a time off, and stuff can go wrong in their lives too. Empathize them and give them a break as needed. Believe me, you will not only be preventing burnout but also gain their trust. Plus, encourage them to take the allotted vacation time every once in a while.


Help Them Set Realistic Goals


Sometimes, employers overburden their employees. This will get you nowhere. Help set realistic goals for your employees and help them achieve those goals. Putting an excessive burden on them is not only inching them closer and closer to burnout but can also be supremely damaging for your business. Ask them to set their own goals based on the work you have at your office.




Always appreciate your employees whenever they do a good job. A little bit of appreciation goes a long way. It will make them feel like a valued member of your team and become motivated.


Final Takeaway


Whether you are self-employed, an employee of a company, or an employer, we hope some of these tips will be immensely helpful for you.


Work is a very important part of life. However, it is also important to take a break when needed. It is very important for your mental and physical health, as well as a boost in productivity. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them down in the comments section below, and we will get back to you. If you have any productivity hacks of your own, share them down below as well so we can all benefit from your secrets.


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