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Why Build a Satellite Office in a Coworking Space?

Why Build a Satellite Office in a Coworking Space? - The Collection

Setting up a satellite office is a major decision; there are many aspects to consider. With the rise of coworking spaces, these buildings may be the perfect location for you. Read on.   Not only is it often a costly one, but creating a satellite office can require:   A rigorous hiring process The creation…

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The Value of an In Person Meeting (And How to Have Them Today)

By now, we’ve adapted to virtual meetings and remote work routines, but that does not mean an in person meeting lost its value. Read more details below including how to safely have them during the pandemic.   Despite quarantines and harsh restrictions, in person meetings haven’t become a relic of the past. Far from it,…

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What to Consider When Choosing Your New Office Space

While all of us are still in the middle of a pandemic, there are certain factors to consider when choosing a new office space. Read everything you need to know below.   Workspaces exist to serve numerous purposes: to be a place for productivity and cooperation, to provide the right stimuli for creativity, to foster…

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How to Inspire Your Employees to Become Creatives

What does it mean to become creatives? This is a question to seriously think about, especially during a time where creativity is needed now more than ever. Read below for details.   As we collectively reach nearly a year of working under the circumstances of a pandemic, many of us have had to reinvent boundaries…

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