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9 Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips Everyone Should Know

9 Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips Everyone Should Know - Collection

Surely, we are all still getting used to virtual work interactions. That said, be prepared for your next virtual meeting by following the virtual meeting etiquette tips below.   Virtual meetings can be productive, time-efficient, and fun. Or they can be a source of endless frustration and watercooler memes. If you’re in charge of your…

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5 Ways Networking Opportunities Improve With Coworking

Networking is an essential part of building a business, whether as a company or as an individual, and creating networking opportunities can be difficult. Yet, it’s made easier through coworking.   While fortune smiles on many a leader and entrepreneur, most opportunities have to be made, forged through incessant communication and a thick hide against…

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How to Onboard New Hires in a Pandemic World

Onboarding new hires look a little different now as we work in a more virtual setting. So what’s the best way to welcome them to the company? Read below for details.   The onboarding process is very important for establishing a positive bond between a new employee and their employer. In addition, helping new hires…

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6 Employee Recognition Ideas for This Holiday Season

The end of the year is here, and it’s important to acknowledge all the hard work given from your employees. But how so during a pandemic? Read below for some employee recognition ideas.   This year has taught us a lot about communicating virtually and leveraging available technologies to make the most of a tough…

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